Order for the Restoration of Rights

Governor McAuliffe’s April 22 order restores the rights to all individuals who, as of April 22, 2016, have completed the terms of incarceration and have completed any period of supervised release (probation or parole) for any and all felony convictions. 

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What We Do

One of the functions of our office is to assist the Governor in his appointments of nearly 4,000 individuals to serve on Virginia's boards and commissions. All Virginians are encouraged to participate in the government of our Commonwealth by offering to serve on a board or commission, or by recommending qualified candidates.

For more information, to view a list of 2015 openings, or to submit an application, please visit our Appointments page.

We also serve the Commonwealth through managing extraditions, clemency petitions, restoration of voting rights, service of process, authenticating foreign adoption documents, certifying notary publics, handling lobbyist registration, disclosures and conflict of interest filings.  Please visit the tabs above for more information and online applications.

Note: For information regarding corporations, businesses, certificates of authority, or change of address please contact the Clerk's Office in the State Corporation Commission.

April 15, 2016 - Swearing in Ceremony, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Kelly Thomasson

Kelly Thomasson has served as the Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth for Governor Terry McAuliffe since January 2014. Before joining the administration, she worked for Senator Mark Warner for over 13 years in a various capacities including Projects Director in his Senate office and Director of Scheduling in the Office of the Governor. Kelly is a native of Richmond and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.